About My Products

To place a custom order, please call 828.551.1983 or e-mail  cottonpickinconfections@gmail.com.

A little bit about my products…

I use “old school” family recipes.

I bake everything from scratch.

I do not add preservatives, high fructose corn syrup,
artificial ingredients or dyes to my baked goods.

My products typically contain King Arthur Flour, butter
and pure cane sugar.  Some contain Cheddar Cheese.  Some contain tree nuts.

Using King Arthur Special Patent Flour and storing the product in my sealed bags will allow the cookies, short breads and Cheese Straws to maintain a shelf life of two to four weeks, depending on the product.

A little bit about how I work…

I typically bake two to three days a week for tailgate markets and individual customer orders.

To ensure a fresh product, I do not keep an inventory of baked goods.  Please give me at least a week’s notice to prepare your order.

 I bake everything in a commercial kitchen, but just like I would bake it at home.

What to do with your used gift baskets and gift boxes…

Use your boxes for shipping or storage or recycle them.

Your burlap is biodegradable and can be used in your garden.

Your white crinkle paper may or may not be recycled, depending on where you live.

Your cellophane may not be recycled, but it is biodegradable.